Contingency Based Consulting

Contingency based (or Success based) consulting operates on the same basic principles as Retainer based consulting, but involves a different level of commitment from the client and from Career Solution. In a contingency search, the client chooses not to use Career Solution exclusively, and as such, there is no up front fee paid to Career Solution. Our fee is completely dependent on the efficacy of our search, and there is no commitment on your part to hire, or even meet, any candidate we introduce.

Due to the success based nature of the search, candidates introduced in a contingency search may be introduced to other clients as well. This approach is often used to augment an existing Human Resources department, without committing to a single outside agency.

Retainer Based Consulting

Dedicated Search & Selection for Mission
Critical and Time Constrained Positions

Understanding the environment and issues surrounding Indian business allows us to help you take advantage of the resources and opportunities of this unique and exciting market. Our Consultants are high achievers with the confidence, experience, and cultural sensitivity to produce excellent retainer results.

Some of the Many Advantages of a Retainer with Career Solution

A team approach to retainers wherein each retainer is assigned to a small consulting and research team under the direct supervision of a Senior Consultant who is available to all times to answer client queries.

Detailed reports at regular intervals explaining the search process, candidate feedback and useful market and competitor information.

Exclusivity regarding candidate introductions until the client rejects any potential candidate from the search process.

Consultation on areas outside the hiring of new candidates where required.

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